McMoneagle blog is at

We temporarily had a starter-blog here at but the blog is back to now. This spring, Scooter will be developing her own website/blog for astrology, and we’ll see if we can finally get Joe to start blogging on a remote viewing site. WordPress won’t allow me to disable this site, access base server…


I found this slightly dated photo from 2015 of Joe and Scooter that I like.  

Only A Matter of Time

Joe’s been wanting to do some blogging for some time. I’m going to see if we can make 2018 the year that finally happens. My plan is he and Scooter will come to the site and gradually replace all the ‘temporary’ posts I am making just to put images on the front page so it…

Joe’s Birthday

Our favorite capricorn just had another January 11 birthday! Hopefully a recent picture — maybe of the day itself — will arrive soon. 🙂  

Stars and Such

Scooter is pretty busy with her ‘real job’ these days, but she’s still doing astrology readings of various kinds. We’ll have some options and prices up soon!   (Note: the lovely image is thanks to Sarah Richter on Pixabay)

Joe in Japan

Joe’s done a lot of work in Japan. Some of it on Television! Here’s one of the composite images related to his TV work there.