Joe’s Memorial Plaque re: Vietnam

From the former website, a photo of the memorial plaque remembering Joe’s service during the Vietnam conflict, listing some medals and commendations. Worth a memory.


We will be creating a brand new website by Spring of 2018. To begin, these theme requires the entry of some blog posts with images, or there is no front page of images to display! So here’s a lovely picture of one of our past home pages. Version 3: Son of the Eagle

IIA on the Web

Back in ’97-98 when we made the first website, Intuitive Intelligence Applications had its own front page. Here’s a glimpse at the way it was then.

RV and Solar Flares

Here’s a cool NASA picture from 1973 of a Solar Flare.  Success on psi-based science trials has been associated (somewhat) with solar activity.  

Communications from Earth

NASA’s Voyager carried this ‘message from Earth’ disk. Perhaps there will be other forms of communication, like psi, that introduce us to what’s “out there.”  

Long Ago, A Website

We made the first website in 1997 or ’98. Gosh how the web has changed since then! This is the front page of the Remote Viewing section of the site from then.